Boost Natural Immunity Homeopathically for Circulating Viruses, Including COVID-19

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Recently Cilla conducted a webinar, Boost Natural Immunity Homeopathically for Circulating Viruses, Including COVID-19, in response to inquiries from HP clients and families looking to protect themselves against the Corona Virus. Over 800 people registered for the event, and it amounted to an informative and empowering presentation and discussion. The following topics were covered:

  • Why eliminating viruses isn’t the solution
  • A realistic look at viral outbreaks and risks
  • COVID-19 contagion and symptoms
  • Home remedies, vitamins and herbs for immunity
  • How fear effects the immune system
  • Genius Epidemicus
  • Homeopathy’s role in historic flus
  • Homeoprophylaxis for flus and COVID-19
  • Cilla’s remedy for COVID, Influenzinum CV-30
  • What to do if you contract the flu—homeopathic options

Included are printable slides from the webinar. The attendees raised several important questions during the webinar as well, including:

Cilla’s newest webinar is available for only $1 here. For those of you unable to attend the webinar, Cilla is making it available for $1. Click here to check it out.

  • How can homeopathy be incorporated with essential oils?
  • Is HP beneficial in situations where people had measles (or vaccines for measles) as a child?
  • Are there risks to using HP in the elderly?
  • Are there risks for using HP on pregnant or lactating women?
  • What’s the bigger picture for individuals and society?

If you are interested in viewing the recorded webinar and accessing the slides from the discussion, you can do so here.

Cilla’s Answer to Covid-19:

Many questions came in regarding how to use Cilla’s new Influenzinum CV-30 product, now available in two vials. The product offers support from PNC-CV as well as INF-CV, which together addresses COVID-19 as well as influenza by increasing vitality against viruses and flus, thus enhancing natural immunity. Cilla’s Influenzinum CV-30 product offers a lifetime of support for a family of six. For information on how to water dose in order to stretch the remedy and provide a lifetime of support for your family, check out this video on Cilla’s Choosing Real Immunity Facebook Group.

Learn to stretch your Influenzinum CV30 to last a lifetime by making water doses with the video tutorial here.

Questions and Answers on How to Use INFLUENZINUM CV30:

INFLUENZINUM CV30 is now delivered in two separate vials that are labeled INF-CV and PNC-CV. Many questions have been asked about the old Influenzinum and this new twin set of vials.

I have the old Influenzium sold before Covid19 outbreak. (Without the CV addition)

The original Influenzinum is great for all garden-variety viruses, but you do not have the newest version that is designed for Covid19. 

I have the one-vial Influenzinum CV30 sold at the beginning of the Covid19 outbreak, is it the same as the two vials?

Yes. Before it was in one-vial. Now it is in two-vials. To dose you simply take 2 pellets from each vial.

We are in an HP Program. What should we do?

A: If you are already in an HP program AND have the original Influenzinum sold before the Coronavirus, you already have both components! Just take the Pneumo200c in your kit as directed in the program and take the old Influenzinum weekly. No need to purchase anything additional.

B: If you do NOT have the old Influenzinum, while administering the HP program, best to purchase the new twin vials with instructions.

How does one use CV30 for prevention, after positive exposure and when one actively has symptoms?

Take it once weekly for general prevention.  If positively exposed, the remedy take twice weekly. If the virus is contracted, you would need professional intervention from a homeopath to determine what remedies to take. It would most likely be more than one remedy based upon the symptoms and the stage of the illness.

Can you use them prophylactically with a compromised immune system?

Yes, safe to use with chronic disease.  This is energy, not pharmaceuticals

Has it brought up physical symptoms?

If someone is heavily suppressed (lots of allopathic meds) with chronic disease, it may unleash something that is already there, but it cannot bring up new symptoms independently. This is energy, not pharmaceuticals.

Can you take it if you’re taking other remedies, like for allergies?

Yes it can be taken with other remedies and drugs. Just take them 15 minutes away from the remedies and essential oils.

Will Camphor negate if there are aggravations?

Yes, but you shouldn’t see aggravations.

The instructions on how many pellets to take that were mailed with my bottles is different than what I’ve seen recommended elsewhere.

The number of pellets taken per dose is directed by their size. Depending on what size pellets our supplier has in stock, the number of pellets that constitutes a dose changes, i.e. more pellets per dose if they are smaller. Therefore, instructions on how many to take varies. In reality, since homeopathy is energy, the number of pellets is NEVER critical. This is NOT a pharmaceutical. You can take any number of pellets per dose.

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