What programs and products does Cilla recommend and use?

You can check out a few of her recommendations below:

Real Immunity Affiliate Program

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Teach Me Health & Homeopathy

Paola Brown created the world’s first comprehensive curriculum for teaching children & families homeopathy! Cilla was asked to review her amazing curriculum, here’s what she wrote:

“Paola’s curriculum, Teach Me Health & Homeopathy, is an outstanding contribution to the world of homeopathy education. It embodies creativity, accurate detail, and most importantly, truth! This unique curriculum must be experienced by anyone wanting to impart the wonderful basics of natural living to their family.”

Paola Brown is president and co-founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. She has worked tirelessly on her curriculum project for over three years, and she’s created a memorable and beautiful way of bringing homeopathy into your home.

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Abby’s Better Nut Butters

These delicious and healthy butters are gluten free, peanut free, paleo, plant-based, with 5 or fewer ingredients in each flavor. Instead of using artificial sweeteners, they chose fruits or honey to sweeten our products. They also have unique flavors that can’t be found anywhere else! Cilla recommends the Chocolate Coconut Protein Almond Butter. She says: “You’ll eat the entire jar with a spoon!”

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Thrive II: The Movie

Thrive II is the stunning 60,000 ft view of reality during a time when all truth is being questioned. Focusing upon energy and its relationship to medicine, power, politics, and consciousness, Thrive II provides practical information as well as an uplifting overview of where civilization is headed. I loved hearing this evidence that supports homeopathy.

The organizing resonance of the universe, frequency and vibration, is the philosophy homeopathy has been teaching for 200 years. This is also the underlying principle to homeoprophylaxis. Producers Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble share an incredible volume of vetted information.

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Your Lab Work

Order your lab work online at discount prices. Three easy steps: Order the test, have blood drawn locally, receive results online. No referrals necessary. A variety of test options are available.

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