What programs and products does Cilla recommend and use?

You can check out a few of her recommendations below:



Handmade Fine Glass Art by Gus Whatcott. Gus specializes in unique glass art offerings such as soap dispensers, beads, marbles and marble stands that make treasured gifts for loved ones. Every item is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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Real Immunity Affiliate Program

Earn 5% back on customer & client referral purchases of Influenzinum CV30.

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Zeolite for Detox

Zeolite has unique applications for removing heavy metals and toxins from the body. Our research indicates that it may be a helpful supplement to include when detoxing from inoculations, something many of our followers are interested in learning more about. It may also address fatigue, sleep issues, weight gain, mood issues and brain fog.

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Hamama Sprouts

Start growing sprouts and microgreens on your kitchen counter. Just add water, and you’ll be able to harvest in one week. Hamama Sprouts are a cornerstone of Cilla’s wellness routine.

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Teach Me Health & Homeopathy

Paola Brown, president and co-founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, created the world’s first comprehensive curriculum for teaching children & families homeopathy! She’s created a memorable and beautiful way of bringing homeopathy into your home.

Use the code “RealTeach” to save $37 on your purchase.


Thrive II: The Movie

Thrive II is the stunning 60,000 ft view of reality during a time when all truth is being questioned. Thrive II provides practical information as well as an uplifting overview of where civilization is headed. I loved hearing this evidence that supports homeopathy. The organizing resonance of the universe, frequency and vibration, is the philosophy homeopathy has been teaching for 200 years.

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Your Lab Work

Order your lab work online at discount prices. No referrals necessary. A variety of test options available.

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