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One of Cilla’s missions is to help other practitioners to educate and inspire their patients to receive real, longterm health. Cilla has presented to various forums, events, summits and groups.  We’re making her recent presentation to a group of chiropractors available for anyone interested in viewing it. If you are a Conscious Practitioner (or a Conscious Practitioner in the making) we especially invite you to sign up to receive this presentation.

Watch this short excerpt from the presentation: 

In this free 37 minute presentation by Cilla, you will learn the following:

  • The three components of real health that are our birthright

  • How fear can suppress Real Immunity–and what’s the solution

  • How to teach your clients to tap into their intuitions to receive health

  • How to use Cilla’s Health Helix to encourage VITALITY in your clients and patients

  • What components make for a good physician (including several interviews with several Conscious Physicians)

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