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What Are Real Immunity Empowerment Groups? 

Empowerment Groups are part study group, part book club.

Using the three episodes of Quest for Real Immunity, plus the study group discussion questions and materials, study groups take a deep dive into the subject of Real Immunity.

What Is Real Immunity? 

Real Immunity Empowerment Groups seek to answer this question through guided discussions that help participants to deeply embrace concepts of Real Immunity while putting them into practice in their lives.

Watch the video to the left to learn more about Real Immunity.

Anyone can lead an Empowerment Group!

It’s as easy as purchasing the course, which then gives you access to the discussion questions and all group materials! Then all you have to do is create your group. It can be a group of one or as many as you wish.

Some parents have used Empowerment Groups to teach their homeschoolers. Homeschool Coops are welcome to use Empowerment Groups to teach the concepts of Real Immunity to students.

What concepts are covered in Empowerment Groups?

Play the video to the left to hear more about the key concepts covered in Empowerment Groups.

I got encouragement that because immunity is developed over a lifetime, despite a c-section birth, shots, and numerous toxic exposure in the past, that I still may be able to take authority over my family's future immunity.

The beautiful thing about Empowerment Groups is that it is empowering through information rather than bombarding you with fear. I could see prenatal providers gaining much from it. To be able to give this confidence to parents before their baby arrived would be priceless.

I would recommend Empowerment Groups to pregnant mamas, parents, new parents, and parents of young children...but also anyone who is committed to holistic health and wants to take charge of their care. Everyone needs support and encouragement to trust their inner wisdom and deep knowing.

Having a tribe of like-minded people to tap into when we start to doubt ourselves or are looking for more information is invaluable!

Empowerment Groups reminded me of the importance of allowing the body to create immunity. I was raised this way, but it is such a huge topic right now. I'm grateful for the calm reasoning this film offers.

How do Empowerment Groups Support Families? 

Have you felt there is little support for your healthcare choices?

Are you looking for a more empowered way of looking at symptoms?

Watch the video to the left to learn more about how Empowerment Groups support families.

Want An Example of An Empowerment Group Discussion?

Discussion on Childhood Illnesses

Watch the video to the left for an example Empowerment Group discussion on childhood illnesses.

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Leading an Empowerment Group is easy! 

Whether in person or remotely, you can start an Empowerment Group amongst your friends, clients, homeschool group and colleges. Click an image below to learn more about how people are making Empowerment Groups work for them:

Find out how Philicia made Empowerment Groups work for her homeschool coop.

School counselor Adrian used Empowerment Groups to virtually connect with like-minded friends.

Prenatal yoga instructor, Heather, offers Empowerment Groups regularly to her prenatal yoga students.

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