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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some diseases not included?

Not included in the basic kit are the following diseases for the following reasons:

  • Hep B: This is a sexually transmitted disease acquired by sharing needles or body fluids with someone with HepB.  The incidence in the US is under 2%.
  • Rotavirus: 95% of the population gets this and natural disease confers lifelong immunity. Dehydration is a risk if you reside in a country with no access to clean water or rehydration
  • Flu: Influenzinum (INF) is available as an extra nosode if desired
  • Rubella: Risk is during pregnancy.  We advise adding during childbearing years for females
  • Hep A: This is a self-limiting disease contagious through fecal matter in food or water
  • Chickenpox: This benign childhood disease confers lifelong immunity for many cancers and plays a role in immune maturation. (See Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Z. Miller)
  • HPV: Best to not mess with Mother Nature. (See: HPV Vaccine on Trial by Mary Holland)

Can we catch the diseases from the HP pellets?

No, absolutely not. Unlike inoculatios that contain live viruses, there is nothing to “shed” with HP.  These remedies carry the energetic spectrum of the targeted disease.  The information is only received by the recipient.  Just like a cell phone picks up a radio frequency. You can’t receive a call going to someone else’s cell phone, nor can you receive the frequency of the disease someone else just took in HP form.

What’s the best age to start HP?

HP can be administered at any age. We usually recommend starting infants after one month old so they have time to form a good nursing relationship and mom knows his or her temperament.

Must we finish the entire program before there’s any immunity?

No, as soon as the first dose is taken, susceptibility is satisfied. By that we mean that we each have different susceptibilities (weaknesses) to certain diseases. If your ancestors had asthma or tuberculosis, you may have an increased susceptibility to respiratory illnesss. Once you take a dose of the HP pellets, your system begins to recognize the information communicated and then educates the immune system to hold this in memory.

Can you “overdose” the pellets?

No, this is energy.  There is no material substance. Children have ingested entire vials of the pellets with no adverse effects.

What if we forget a dose?

No problem! Just pick up where you left off when you start again. Having gaps of time is no problem.  The schedule is very flexible!

What if my child is sick at the time of a scheduled dose?

WAIT until your child is well for 48 hours before dosing. His or her body is busy working on another illness and vitality needs to be adequate to manage the energetic disease from HP.

Who is ‘liable’ if there’s an injury or death?

There has never been an injury or death from HP in 200 years of use. That being said, no method of disease protection is 100% effective – not inoculations, not HP. The only ‘liability’ is a chance of catching a disease. This is why parents are asked to sign a statement saying they are taking responsibility for their child’s health and are advised to have the input of their healthcare practitioner.

Isn’t it better to just do nothing, eat well and take supplements?

Yes, that’s the common assumption.  And sound nutrition is definitely a part of robust immunity.  Here’s the difference – When Dr Isaac Golden did his 15 year study he used 3 groups: Un-inoculated people who ate organic and had good health, inoculated people, and the homeoprophylaxis (HP) group.  What he found was that the HP group had better long term health outcomes. In other words, they had fewer colds, ear infections, etc.  He attributed this to the concept that they were actually receiving the diseases in an energetic form and thus had all the benefits of natural disease with none of the risks. In other words they were “exercising their immune systems” in a healthy way.

Will my child show titers for the diseases covered in the program?

We don’t expect the development of antibodies.  Antibodies are not the gold standard of immunity. There are people who are high responders and still contract disease, or low or non-responders who don’t contract a disease. HP stimulates and supports the terrain energetically, unlike inoculations that are designed to stimulate antibody production. We do not claim any antibodies will result from the HP dosing.

Will my child actually get the disease from taking the homeopathic remedy?

No, this is not possible since the remedies are energetic in nature.

Will my child’s school accept HP in place of inoculations?

Not at this time. HP is not recognized by the government.  If you live in a state with a philosophical exemption, you are free to use HP and still attend school. Forms to use with daycare or camp that state your child is using homeoprophylaxis are available for interested families. It is the parents’ responsibility to be aware of your state’s exemption policy and comply with any regulations.

Is it possible to contract any of diseases after the remedy is taken? – What is the likelihood and possible severity if contracted?

No method of immunization is 100% effective.  There is always a risk of catching disease. Diet, toxic exposure, and stress level all contribute to immunity. Receiving the ‘frequency’ of the disease with HP dosing builds the terrain and lessens the likelihood of chronic illness. In Dr. Golden’s study, with children who had been positively exposed to the diseases, HP provided a 91% effectiveness rate. If a disease is contracted after taking HP, the body knows how to manage it more effectively since the information was ‘downloaded’ with the HP remedy.  The system is ‘familiar’ with the disease on an energetic level. In the event of contracting any disease, please contact your healthcare provider.

When does protection begin?

Support to the terrain begins as soon as the first dose is administered.  Each subsequent dose goes deeper into the system and provides deeper stability. You need not complete all the doses to establish terrain support.  Depending on individual variables, effects can last 5-10 years. You can give “booster” doses easily for what you determine your child is most at risk, or you can add additional nosodes as desired.

Can I change the order of diseases?

Yes, nosodes can be shuffled to any order you choose. Just be sure to replicate the same order in the 200C series and the 10M series.

Can influenzinum be added to the HP schedule?

During flu season (October-March), influenzinum 30C (INF-CV30) can easily be added. Simply separate dosing by at least 1 week from other HP remedies. It can be given as often as 1-4 times/month (weekly) based on exposure. It can be purchased here: