If you are a healthcare practitioner who would like to implement Homeoprophylaxis (HP) education in your existing practice, Cilla Whatcott, CCH, PhD provides training on how to add an HP program to your offerings.

We know your patients are your top priority and adding a new option for them is a serious commitment. Our training is equipped to give you everything you need to effectively share Homeoprophylaxis with your team and your patients.

Since 2009, Cilla has offered HP training to hundreds of homeopaths, and medical professionals, including midwives, MDs, Chiropractors, and DOs. The students of her training program go on to assist their own clients by providing them with sufficient education and support for their HP program.

Description of Training Offered:
Included are video conferencing sessions that are kept small to allow time for questions and discussion, and an additional one-on-one conference session to cover subsequent questions after implementing HP. Learn how to interpret and explain HP forms and waivers, gain an understanding of homeopathic philosophy and how it applies to acute illness and homeoprophylaxis responses, understand how to access patient readiness for HP, and gain access to the exclusive Real Immunity HP Kit for your clients.

If you are interested and would like to be considered for our next session, contact Cilla for eligibility via the email at the bottom of this page.

Included in the program are handouts that provide:

  • Studies from around the world
  • Flow charts for case management
  • Forms, and instructions
  • US map of vaccine exemption laws
  • Access to free Knowledge Vault
  • Concise disease descriptions
  • Homeopathic Travel remedies
  • Tropical tips
  • FAQ’s for parents
  • 8.5 CEU’s for ANMCB Continuing Education Approved Programs
  • Best practices on sharing your program with clients
  • And more…

Complete outline of course objectives can be found here.

The fee for this in-depth training is $975. Scroll down for registration information.


“This HP training through Real Immunity.org was an invaluable experience in understanding how homeopathic remedies can cause an immune response which is safe and effective. The opportunity to dialogue with Cilla and others regarding the program was important since the whole immunization and vaccination program in the U.S. is becoming so controversial and upsetting, especially for families who have had adverse effects from vaccinations.”
Jeanette B. CNM, MS

“Cilla Whatcott’s HP Supervision Certification course is incredibly powerful. It is filled with an abundance of evidence based scientific studies which back Mother Nature’s approach to the harmonious balance between human and disease. It teaches that the immune system doesn’t need to infiltrated, it just needs to be danced with.  I would recommend this course to my colleagues practicing holistic and/or integrative medicine, parents, and of course, anyone with the desire for a more robust immune system. Thank you, Cilla!”
Danyelle K. MS, CHN, CAM

“I was amazed at this training.  I came into this training just to be educated myself and after listening to Cilla explain how and why this works and why its so important to get back to the basics of how and why the immune system does what it does, it just all makes sense.  We as humans complicate everything and this class has really allowed me to take a step back.  Thank you.”
Katie Notsch, CNHP

“I am very happy to endorse Cilla Whatcott and the Homeoprophylaxis training she teaches.  As you would expect she teaches the histories of Homeoprophylaxis and some of the studies done to show its efficacy along with the “how to do it,” which is what everyone mostly just wants to know.  Her training is very detailed in that she teaches extreme caution in not allowing the Homeoprophylaxis procedures to be called anything that would cause problems with the medical community.  We all want Homeoprophylaxis to be available to us for a long time and her teaching is the best I have seen in that regard. I would wholly endorse Cilla’s program to anyone who is truly responsible in dealing with this program and wanting to protect the future in Homeoprophylaxis as well.”
Neil Schultz BCTN, CHP

How to Register:

Before Registering, you must be pre-approved by Cilla using the form below. 

Next training session: AUGUST 2022

Those interested in registering must first send an email to realimmunityts@gmail.com. Provide a brief description of your current practice and interest in homeoprophylaxis. Cilla will reply with instructions on how to register and pay for your training once approved.

Instructor: Cilla Whatcott, CCH, PhD

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