Cilla has two classes that you may be interested in regarding the current epidemic:



Concerned about how to use homeopathy to address current virus symptoms? Join Cilla Friday, April 3 at 8am PST/10am CST/11am EST for a live webinar presentation: Homeopathy Shines During Epidemics.

Cilla will address the 2020 Genus Epidemicus, remedies that have been most effective for viral symptoms, based on discussions she has had with professionals around the world.

This webinar will be recorded, and replay links and slide pdfs will be emailed to all who register (and to all who registered for last week’s presentation as well.)

This is the same webinar featured last week on March 27th. No need to register again if you already paid for the previous session.

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Looking for Ideas on How to Boost Immunity?
Watch Boost Natural Immunity Homeopathically for Circulating Viruses, Including COVID-19 for only $1

In response to inquiries from HP clients and families looking to protect themselves against the Corona Virus, Cilla created this informative webinar. The following topics are covered:

  • Why eliminating viruses isn’t the solution
  • A realistic look at viral outbreaks and risks
  • COVID-19 contagion and symptoms
  • Home remedies, vitamins and herbs for immunity
  • How fear effects the immune system
  • Genius Epidemicus
  • Homeopathy’s role in historic flus
  • Homeoprophylaxis for flus and COVID-19
  • Cilla’s remedy for COVID, Influenzinum CV-30
  • What to do if you contract the flu—homeopathic options

Those who purchase will receive the pdf of the slideshow as well as other helpful downloads and resources.