Cell Salts Virtual Class


Learn what these simple Cell Salts are and how to use them to promote your family’s health and wellness. Did you know you can move through all the stages of an acute illness just using cell salts? They are safe, gentle, and amazing in their power to heal. Enjoy this very practical class and be able to use cell salts effectively after taking it!

• What they are
• Multiple ways to administer them
• Proper dosing
• Pregnancy applications
• And more…For more information on Vitality Classes, please read our blog.


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Watch Cilla’s Live Cell Salt Series:
Cell Salts Series: Intro to Cell Salts
Cell Salts Series: Why not just take Bioplasma?
Cell Salts Series: Protocol for colds and flus
Cell Salts Series: Cell Salts for Pregnancy
Cell Salts Series: 5 Phos

This educational resource is a video presentation with two parts.

The link to the lesson presentation is listed under “Order Details” on your receipt page.

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