Empowerment Group Part 1: Quest (Virtual Class)


We have moved this class to our new learning platform.

Ready to lead the revolution in health?
Lead an Empowerment Group from the comfort of home!

Empowerment Groups are as easy to lead as 1-2-3: 

1. Pick a date/time you want to meet for your discussions 

2. Organize your group (you can have up to 10 people/group)

3. Purchase the Empowerment Group program (here) and access your discussion materials!


Click the image below to listen to what Cilla has to say about Empowerment Groups: 


Upon purchasing this program, you will be given access to the following materials that will allow you to conduct your own Empowerment Group:


  • Links to the Quest for Real Immunity film for your group

  • discussion guide with questions, links and materials to help you lead a discussion for each episode of the film

  • An opportunity to schedule a Q and A session for your group with Cilla

  • A discount on orders through OHM pharmacy that all graduates of your group will have access to

What prerequisites are required before leading an Empowerment Group?
We invite all individuals to become leaders, however, we strongly recommend that you have a firm understanding of what Real Immunity is, and have previously seen Cilla’s films.

Terms of Purchase:
  • By purchasing this product, you agree to the terms outlined in the following statement: We respectfully ask that you do NOT record any of your Empowerment Group sessions. This is why: Our goal is to provide an environment where everyone feels safe and supported to express themselves honestly and openly. This curriculum is designed to promote heartfelt expression. If recordings were shared publicly (or even privately) this could cause members to feel vulnerable instead of safe. Additionally, we do not want you to be in violation of U.S. Copyright law since the Real Immunity films and discussion materials are protected under this law. Our sincere “thank you” for your attention to this request and your commitment to not recording any study group sessions.
  • We ask that you not share any of the materials provided in this course to unauthorized persons. The materials are on loan to you for 6 weeks, and available only to the members of your group for that amount of time. After that time if you wish to conduct another Empowerment Group, you will need to repurchase the product.


Empowerment Groups aren’t just for adults, they can be used to teach kids 10 and up terrain theory health concepts! We’ve included graphic organizers to support using Empowerment Groups with homeschoolers. 


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This educational resource includes video links and 9 downloadable resources.

Film links are listed under the first download.

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