Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Program for Puppies


Homeoprophylaxis for Puppies Program


Just as Homeoprophylaxis (HP) can be used to protect humans from infectious diseases, it can also be used to protect our furry friends.

Not surprising, the lack of efficacy in allopathic medicine’s number one immunity product is also an issue when it comes to addressing pet immunity. The Real Immunity Team connected with homeopathic vet, Will Falconer, DVM, to develop this program.

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Upon purchasing this program, we will send you a kit containing 2 dram vials of Parvo and Distemper nosodes.

You will also receive the following:

  • Directions on how to administer doses to your puppy
  • An HP schedule on how often to administer doses, (and for how long) with a printable chart to help you keep track of dosages
  • Information on when to administer boosters
  • Educational links to support your journey

Additional Support Information:
Homeoprophylaxis for Fido: Give Your Pup the Gift of Real Immunity

  • Vaccinosis and chronic disease after vxs
  • Vaccines and Vets: Is Your Holistic Vet Really Holistic?
  • The Purdue Vaccination Studies And Auto-Antibodies
  • Science of Vaccine Damage
  • Rabies: A Human Health Law For My Pet?
  • Care of remedies: Avoid excessive heat, direct sunlight, or strong odors and magnetic/ electromagnetic fields. Do not touch pellets with your hands when administering.
  • See video on how to administer a remedy.
  • How to create a water dose to extend your kit
  • Information on our HP Program for humans


-Read the all the information written here before inquiring with questions to realimmunityts@gmail.com

-The number of pellets taken per dose is directed by their size. Depending on what size pellets our supplier has in stock, the number of pellets that constitutes a dose changes, i.e. more pellets per dose if they are smaller. Therefore, instructions on how many to take varies. In reality, since homeopathy is energy, the number of pellets is NEVER critical. This is NOT a pharmaceutical. Any number of pellets per dose is safe for any age.

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