What is Influenzinum?
Homeopathic “Influenzinum” is prepared from a broad spectrum of influenza viruses and remedies that have successfully treated influenza.


Homeopathy’s Answer to Influenza Protection

A double-blind, placebo controlled study for homeopathic “influenzinum” took place in Brazil in early 2000. The conclusion states, “This clinical trial showed that the use of homeopathic medicines prevent flu and acute respiratory infection symptomatic episodes in children, suggesting a homeopathic prophylactic potential. The use of homeopathic medicines to prevent different diseases should be encouraged in the Public Health System, considering that homeopathy is a safe, low-cost and effective therapy.”

For prevention, influenza vaccines can have questionable effectiveness. Studies have shown that while increasing antibodies to the targeted strain within the vaccine, the innate arm of the immune system is compromised, leading to more easily succumbing to all the other viruses circulating. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon, discusses vaccines after the age of 50 including the possible neurological effects.

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