Practitioner Training


Cilla Whatcott will provide remote Zoom meetings to help you implement the HP program into your existing practice. Included:

  • Forms
  • Waivers
  • Access to kits & booklets
  • Flow charts to identify HP response
  • Documents to cover parents’ FAQs
  • Understanding of homeopathic philosophy as it applies to addressing acute illness and homeoprophylaxis responses.
  • Travel prophylaxis
  • Assessments for patient readiness for HP
  • Access to a collection of documents addressing a wide range of parent’s concerns and questions including forms for daycare providers, lists of vaccine friendly doctors, fact sheets on diseases, studies conducted and much more.
  • Optional ongoing support

The fee for this in-depth training is $975. Training is held in 3 two-hour sessions plus an individual private hour-long session scheduled at your convenience with Cilla. Dates to be announced. For more information, click here.

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