Preparing for the Worst


This educational resource is a digital download and it gives you access to the following:

1.) A white paper resource file to help families prepare for possible mandatory healthcare mandates. This is an educational resource that includes a compilation of links created to support and empower.

2.) Three detox infographics. These infographics will offer you support for manual, supplemental and dietary suggestions on how to detox after receiving inoculations.

We’ve reached a threshold where many families are navigating the potential of undergoing mandatory and risky medical interventions. As a result, we’ve had many people reach out asking questions about detoxing, mitigating damage, and more.

As a response, the Real Immunity Team has created a digital resource that you can download here for only $1. The resource includes:

-Educational Resources

-Legal Support Contacts


-Supplemental, nutritional and manual detox support

If you are looking for a more comprehensive detox plan that includes specific homeopathic options and strategies, you’ll want to look into Cilla’s Between A Rock and A Hard Place online class.

*Available immediately upon purchasing.