Real Immunity 3 DVD Set


Searching outside of ourselves for sustainable health is not the answer. The new paradigm for vibrant health is integrity and authenticity; we can honor innate intelligence.

This feature documentary focuses on dispelling the fear surrounding disease by encouraging viewers to trust their intuition and explore the possibility of encountering REAL IMMUNITY.

The second film in the Real Immunity series, examines the 200-year-old method of homeoprophylaxis. Hear interviews with families loving it, doctors using it from around the world including India, (the country recognizing it as a viable alternative to conventional vaccines), and homeopaths who have long known the power of energetic medicine.

“Choosing Real Immunity” takes a look at the role of consciousness as it relates to health and natural immunity. Hear from Dr Joe Dispenza, Del Bigtree, Tony Jimenez and others who have taken the road less traveled, veered from the conventional path, and embody true healing. Meet medical doctors who trained in traditional schools and then made choices to explore untraditional forms of treatment for their patients. Follow director Cilla Whatcott’s journey through her own cancer diagnosis and choice to use alternative methods for her own recovery.

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