Cilla’s Book–There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis

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There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis by Cilla Whatcott is written for parents asking the question, “Besides traditional vaccination, what other choice do we have?” Cilla shares her journey of starting out on a conventional medical path and making a dramatic change to homeopathy after her youngest daughter is vaccine injured. Follow her personal account of current research about vaccine safety, how the immune system is meant to function, the history and application of homeoprophylaxis, and advice about how to make critical decisions regarding your children’s health. Included is a foreword by Isaac Golden, and material from his recent publication. Along with a chapter on Dr. Golden’s work, Cilla reports the latest information about the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis from leading researchers around the world. Read what others have to say: Cilla is a wonderful mom & accomplished healer sharing what she has learned in an accessible down-to-earth manner. What a valuable resource for any parent – practical knowledge from a parent who has been there, done that, and gleaned gems of wisdom from the hard lessons along the way. What a wonderful gift for any parent…I wish I’d had this guidance when my son was little! Kim Kalina, CCH RHom (NA)

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