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Homeoprophylaxis Facts


Homeoprophylaxis provides a safe way to educate and exercise the terrain.

This program is designed to address a healthy, developing immune system.


Homeoprophylaxis is self-administered and can be started as long as the child is one month old, and was not born a premie. This program is designed to be self-administered. Immunological expression may be seen in the 24 hours after administration of an HP dose. This would be very mild and indicates that the immune system is responding in an appropriate way.  Common symptoms may include mild fussiness, sleepiness, or increased discharges: nasal, stool, sweat.


The only risk is always to contract a disease. Studies conducted by Dr Isaac Golden since 1985 showed 90.4% effectiveness in the HP cohort exposed to the disease. No deaths or injuries have ever occurred with HP.


The findings of Dr. Golden’s study revealed that children undergoing homeoprophylaxis had fewer chronic illnesses and improved long term health outcomes compared to other cohorts. It was also observed that the use of homeoprophylaxis did not result in increased allergic, atopic or neurological symptoms as is commonly observed with inoculated children.


At any time, your child may be treated with standard or alternative therapies of your choice. At any time, you may choose to conventionally treat your child or stop using HP. This program does not satisfy state vaccine requirements for school aged children. It is your responsibility to follow the procedures for exemption in your state.


To proceed you can schedule a 15-minute appointment to ask more questions.