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October 6 Issue: Exemption letter for CA parents, HP Short–Susceptibility, Bundle of Vitality: Vitality School Deal

September 29 Issue: Studies supporting HP, Real Immunity Revolutionary, Vitality School Class: What Is Homeopathy, Thinking Parent’s Guide to Fearless Health

September 22 Issue: Thinking Parent’s Guide to Fearless Health, Homeopathic Solutions for PITS, Tips for Dealing with Employer Mandates

September 15 Issue: Common questions about Vitality School classes, Access to the new Knowledge Vault, Teen Empowerment Group, Thinking Parent’s Guide to Fearless Health

September 8 Issue: Cilla’s Medicine Story interview, the Real Immunity Cell Salt Kit, AHC update

September 1 Issue: Cilla’s Go Fund Me, Puppy HP Program, Miasms blog

August 25th Issue: Vitality School Class 2, $1 Homeopathy & Influenza Class, NY V vs UnV Study

August 18th Issue: Cilla’s article on the History of HP, Vitality School Class 1, Happy Birthday to the Nuremberg Code

August 11th Issue: Cilla’s class in the Academy of Divine Knowledge, ICAN statement on mandates, Rand Paul’s statement

August 4th Issue: HP Week, HP Testimonials

July 28th Issue: Cilla describes the difference between HP and injections, Torako’s Story: The Power of Healing