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Real Immunity’s Vitality Classes

By August 2, 2021January 31st, 2022No Comments

What if the tenets of homeopathic thinking were instilled in our children early on? What if instead of learning about germ theory, our children learned about building a strong terrain, the intelligence of life, the importance of expression (vs. suppression), how to be good observers, and that like cures like?

The Real Immunity Team has answered this call—we’ve created a virtual program for kids called Vitality Classes. Vitality Classes are multidisciplinary lessons that will be offered monthly. They have been designed by a certified teacher and can be used by families with children of multiple age ranges and are suitable for homeschoolers as well as public school children. 

In the last year, many parents have reached out regarding the onslaught of germ theory propaganda that their children are being inundated with. Our new education series for kids, Vitality Classes, seeks to introduce and instill the vitality concepts introduced in the Real Immunity film series. These classes can be purchased individually, no subscription or commitment required! The first lesson is already available here

If you would like to be notified when new classes are released, make sure you are subscribed to receive our weekly Wednesday newsletter that includes all of our updates and offerings. We’ll be offering early bird discounts for those who are first to sign up for the classes. Even if your homeschool year hasn’t started yet, you can still purchase and review our classes in preparation for the upcoming year, and the classes never expire–so you can use them year after year!

Vitality School seeks to build a solid foundation around terrain theory concepts, homeopathy and natural health. Each lesson will contain an instructional video on the topic, multidisciplinary assignments that can be used for students ages 10-18, and supplemental resources for expanding upon concepts learned. These lessons can easily be adjusted by parents for use with younger students as well. 

Here are answers to common questions asked about our Vitality Classes:

Can adults take Vitality Classes?
Absolutely! Adults new to terrain theory and homeopathy can absolutely benefit form these classes.

I have multi-aged students in my household, ages 8-16. Will they all be able to participate in this program.
Yes. We have diversified our activities so that there are options for expanding the lessons to challenge older students, and so that there is less challenging material for younger students. 

Our homeschool co-op would like to participate in these lessons. Do we pay per student?
To make this program more reasonable for coops and families, we are charging per family rather than per individual. We trust that this understanding will be respected so that we won’t have to raise our prices. Much time and resources have been committed to the development of this project, and our prices are configured to make the costs for families more than reasonable. You can send each family to this link to purchase. As classes are released, they will be listed there.

Can students complete these classes on their own, or will parents need to assist?
Children under 12 may need some assistance in navigating and printing the materials. If you review and print the assignments in advance, you should be able to set your students up with the class video and materials with minimal parental assistance. Planning time for the basic lesson is less than 30 minutes. 

>>>Get Vitality Class Lesson One: What Is A Virus

>>>Get Vitality Class Lesson Two: Health & Susceptibility

>>>Bundle of Vitality: Get classes One and Two together at a special low price

>>>Get Vitality Class Lesson Three: What Is Homeopathy, Part 1

>>>Get Vitality Class Lesson Four: What Is Homeopathy, Part 2

>>>Get Vitality Class Lesson Five: Homeoprophylaxis, Part 1

>>>Bundle of Vitality: Get What Is Homeopathy, Parts 1 & 2 together at a special low price

>>>Get Vitality Class Lesson Six: Homeoprophylaxis, Part 2


Learn Together:
If you are interested in extending the concepts learned in our Vitality Classes, you may want to consider leading an Empowerment Group. The Empowerment Group program uses the Real Immunity films to instill terrain theory concepts on a deeper level. The program offers everything needed for a leader to access the film segments and lead a discussion. This program has already been used in homeschool groups across the world.