What People Are Saying:

For me, I have a lot of peace of mind that with each dose she gets she has added protection. We have also seen some growth leaps after a few of the doses – like teeth finally popping through and saying more sounds.

She also gets very excited when she sees the remedy bottles and thinks they are some sort of treat. -Laura K.

I am so grateful I found HP while I was pregnant.  HP allows me to have peace of mind that my child is protected and that she won’t suffer any negative side effects because HP is so safe.  On top of that, it is incredibly easy to administer.  I would recommend HP to anyone that wants a 100% safe alternative to vaccinations!  -Sally S.

Working with Cilla has been a unique experience.  I discovered her in the documentary The Truth About Vaccines and researched her HP program through her website.  I was amazed at how fast she responded to my personal email inquiries before purchasing the kit.  And even more astounded that I was able to speak directly to her through online video applications upon purchasing.  She is extremely detail oriented and I felt her undivided attention.  I feel confident in going to her with any HP related issues or questions, knowing I will receive a prompt response.  I highly recommend working with this woman! -Jessica H.

My daughter had a reaction to vaccines when she was a baby, so I needed to find an alternative form of protecting her against disease. That’s when I found homeoprophylaxis. HP gives me confidence knowing that I am helping to keep my family protected against disease, as well as building their immune systems to fight every day viruses that come our way. HP is very easy to administer and the schedule is flexible to fit our needs. Cilla is also very knowledgeable and fantastic to work with! -Shannon F.

HP has been the gateway to learning the amazing healing benefits and properties of homeopathy! I had no idea acute illnesses such as head colds, allergies, and first aid could be treated with homeopathy! It is a safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative to OTC medications.  I love the flexibility and ease of administration HP provides for my family. – Rose

As a mother of five children, I am so thankful for the homeprophylaxis program. It has provided our family with a safe and effective alternative to vaccination, and one in which I feel 100% comfortable administering to my children. I never once have had to worry about negative side effects or being concerned about reactions to the HP. I am thankful for the way it protects my children from specific diseases and gives their bodies a healthy way to respond. I highly recommend this to any family!   -LeNay G.

About a year ago, my then 29 year old daughter was suffering from very severe hives. She was under a great deal of stress finishing up law school, studying for the bar, preparing to start a clerkship and beginning to plan a wedding!  We had used homeopathic remedies throughout my daughter’s entire life with wonderful results; but this time, improvement was not quick enough and my daughter was resorting to allopathic treatment. I reached out to Cilla by email one night and received a call the next day. I knew from her online courses and her Real Immunity documentary that Cilla was an excellent homeopath; but when she began our phone conversation with, “A mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child” I knew that she was a kindred spirit who understood a mother’s heart. Cilla connected with my daughter through Skype, studied her case and suggested the homeopathic remedy. It took a little time, but the hives disappeared. Fast forward one year — she graduated law school, passed the bar, is well into her clerkship and has a job waiting for her afterwards; and she was an absolutely beautiful bride for her recent wedding in Mexico — all hive-free! Thank you Cilla, we are forever grateful to you for your expertise and your kindness. God bless and take care… Jeanette Forlano Slaw

I came across Cilla about a year ago while watching a documentary and couldn’t get enough of the information and empowerment she exuded. I immediately devoured so much of the information on her website, watched her documentaries, and sought out any and every podcast episode she had ever done. Among so many other things the main message I love hearing from Cilla is how she is empowering parents to trust their innate instincts when it comes to their child. This has been an incredibly powerful message and experience for me. We have 2 young children and decided from the beginning not to vaccinate either. This is a decision that came with harsh backlash from family and has caused the loss of friendships because of a mothers fear over her children being around mine. To work with a practitioner who was supporting my role as a mom and respecting and encouraging my innate knowledge of my child was a game changer. We’ve been so thrilled to have found Cilla and homeoprophylaxis. My children have not yet completed the whole program, but I do feel that I see their systems growing stronger each month with every dose. I had a friend today comment just how healthy my kids always are! Thank you Cilla for your message, knowledge, and willingness to devote your life to families like ours, we are so grateful!   – Sarah J.

Homeoprophylaxis has been an answer to prayer for my family and I. We have been using it on our youngest daughter and have found it to be super simple, easy to administer, and easy to track. My daughter has no issues with dropping the little “pellets” in her mouth, and she is happy and healthy. Also, our whole family has used the HP for the flu – Influenzinum – and we have been remarkably healthy during this past cold & flu season in spite of our children’s friends being sick with the flu for up to 1-2 weeks at a time. At most our kids had some sniffles for a day or two. It has been awesome!” Dr. Jeff K.

Cilla is a professional in every sense of the word. She has been a delight to work with and is very knowledgeable and so helpful in providing guidance and direction with her programs. I appreciate Cilla’s efforts as she strives to help so many that are seeking for great ways to provide immunity for their families! – Dr Jeff K.