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Monkeyshines are in the air! We can feel it ramping up, and I’m getting more and more calls and emails asking questions regarding homeoprophylaxis for the disease-du-jour.

If we have learned anything from the past few years, it would be how to exercise critical thinking. Discernment is knowing that knowledge is the antidote to fear.

Before we fall down the rabbit hole of fear that will inevitably be perpetuated by the media, it’s important to remember: The best defense is always strong terrain. This has been my mantra for the last two decades. The homeopathic mind always examines “exposure and susceptibility.” Are you at risk of something because you are in close exposure – on a plane, train, or automobile? How about risky behaviors with other humans or primates? (No judgement here, just the facts.) Were you born before 1960 and a recipient of the small pox jab? (See the lengthy but very informative Geert Vanden Bossche article.)

Turn off the news and tune into your own health. Know when you are being fed “monkeyshines.” Merriam Webster says:

Monkeyshine: mischievous or playful activity: PRANK  —usually used in plural.
I grew tired of all the monkeyshines in his classroom.

Let’s reframe our perspective now. Rather than giving in to irrational fear, why not use this as an opportunity to build our natural terrain. The main defense against anything is a strong terrain. This is real immunity and it’s our God-given gift. Nurture it with clean food, good exercise, and sound sleep.

You can also protect yourself with high frequencies. Without getting preachy here, high frequencies are love, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness…These high frequencies replace lower frequencies of anger, fear, sickness, negativity.  Where love and gratitude exist, fear cannot. You get the picture.

Homeopathy is high frequency medicine. It’s the future. Full stop.

To learn more about homeopathy’s history with Small Pox, check out The History of Homeopathy in Epidemics.



Podcast 7: Dr. Paul Thomas, An Ethical Pediatrician

By Immunization, Podcast, Real Immunity Film Series

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In this interview, Paul shares his journey to becoming an ethical pediatrician. Like most, he started off advocating mainstream views and treatments. As time went by he noticed major differences in the health of the inoculated patients in his practice versus the inoculated ones. He delved into research and discovered how manipulated the data supporting inoculations is, and came to the conclusion that, as an ethical pediatrician, he could no longer recommend the CDC’s schedule. In this interview, he brings us up to speed on his recent study comparing children in his practice who received inoculations versus those who have not. His study exposes the drastic differences in health in the two cohorts. This study led to Paul receiving an “emergency suspension” of his license. Paul shares the details on his case in this interview.

Listen to Dr. Paul’s podcast here: Help support Dr. Paul’s fight here:

Dr. Paul talks about how he made the change
Why he reinvented his practice
The CDC gets involved
The cohort study begins
What the study shows
The frivolous charges
Paul’s take on the CDC’s change in milestones
Paul’s next steps
Why doctors continue unethical practices
The birth of the new world
How to support Paul


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of any entities they represent.

Podcast 6: Is This Real? An HP Family Shares Their Experience

By Homeopathy, Immunization, Podcast, Real Immunity Film Series

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In this interview, Cat and Alex Toth discuss their reasons for choosing HP. They open up about the challenges families face when bringing a chid into the world, and how they grappled with their fears and ultimately took responsibility for making their decisions. Alex was most convinced by the 90% efficacy rate HP has, in comparison to conventional immunity options. Alex shares his experiences in the Army where he received numerous inoculations that ultimately led him to question routine medical procedures pushed upon our service professionals and also upon our most vulnerable populations: women and infants. Alex and Cat are hands-on parents who share the amazing observations they witnessed after starting their daughter on an HP program.

Alex & Cat Toth are husband and wife, parents to a lovely 2 year old daughter, and business owners. They specialize in educating families about Kangen Water® and detoxifying the body on an ongoing basis. They are very passionate about natural medicine, learning new things, growing food, spirituality and staying up to date about climate change.  

Time Stamp:

The experience that led Cat to choose HP
Is this real? Cat watches Quest for Real Immunity
The obstacles parents face when making decisions for their children
How HP has helped with fear
Milestones and HP
How HP enhances a parent’s observation of their children
Cilla explains that it is never too late to start
HP is non-toxic
Do HP responses inhibit everyday life?
Cat addresses some of her fears
One of the benefits of the program is that support is included
Alex’s Take
The mainstream options didn’t feel right
Alex’s experience in the army
What Alex’s experience with HP has been like
Milestone developments with speech
The importance of keeping an open mind

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of any entities they represent.

Podcast 5: A Diabolical Agenda and a Cause for Hope with Andy Wakefield

By Immunization, Podcast

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In this interview with Andy Wakefield, Cilla asks Andy to discuss his article The Sixth Extinction: Key points addressed, include:

  • The success of herd immunity in the measles virus, which proves interventions unnecessary
  • Known and unknown benefits and protections provided by viruses and microbes
  • Prior exposure to viruses provide protection to later strains, while  inoculation leads to  greater risks and susceptibility
  • Inoculation-resistant strains in highly injected populations
  • The role of inoculations and in promoting resistant strains of the current virus

Andy and Cilla go on to discuss the value of homeoprophylaxis (HP). Despite the success of HP,  it has been devalued and suppressed because it lacks a commercial value to pharmaceutical companies. Finally, Cilla and Andy reflect upon the good news in regards to the current virus in that it has drawn more attention to the problems of the pharmaceutical industry. Andy concludes by sharing a bit about his newest film project.

Time Stamp: 

Andy talks about the 6th Extinction
Measles’ interesting history
Herd Immunity
The Benefits of Viruses and Diseases
Exposure to natural infection produces protection against future strains
Unfounded predictions regarding inoculations
Breastfeeding and immunity
Inoculation resistant injections
Emergent strains of measles
Genetic selection pressure and the current virus
Successful treatments that were withheld
Leptospirosis and Homeoprophylaxis
The Good News
Infertility Epidemic
Andy’s Current Projects

DIRECTOR Andrew Wakefield MB.BS., is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree in 1981. Wakefield has published over 140 original scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters. In 1995, he started investigating a possible role between gastrointestinal issues, the MMR vaccine, and neurological injury in children. In pursuit of this possible link, Dr. Wakefield participated in a study of twelve children with both stomach and developmental issues. The ensuing report, written with twelve other authors, would catapult Wakefield into becoming one of the most controversial figures in the history of Medicine. 

In 2004, freelance journalist, Brian Deer, published an investigation into Wakefield et al. claiming that Wakefield et al. falsified data and committed fraud. Deer attacked Dr. Wakefield’s ethics, as having unreported conflicts of financial interests, and of falsifying research data in a report co-authored by 12 others. Deer’s allegations led the General Medical Council to revoke Dr. Wakefield’s license to practice medicine. More recently, on appeal, the English High Court overturned the allegations made against the senior authors of the Lancet paper and Wakefield’s colleague Professor John Walker-Smith was reinstated and exonerated.

Wakefield continues to fight back on behalf of affected children, winning numerous awards for his writing and films which can be found at His latest film on the infertility epidemic is available for free at

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of any entities they represent.

Podcast 3: Candid Thoughts with Pediatrician Dr. Franz

By Immunization, Podcast

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In Dr. Franz’s practice, inoculations are not given until children reach 1 year of age. Find out why in this interview where she also shares many of her candid observations from her integrated pediatrics program. Dr. Franz was a student in Cilla’s HP Training program many years ago. Learn more about Cilla’s HP Trainings here.

Dr. Cornelia Franz is the founder and owner of the Franz Center in Orlando, Florida. She was raised in Asheville, NC and attended Wake Forest University as an undergraduate. She received her MD from Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC, and went on to complete her Pediatric Internship in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Franz finished her Residency in pediatrics at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida. After residency, she did a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She has been in pediatric practice in Orlando since 1985! Learn more about Dr. Franz here:

Time Stamp:

Dr. Franz compares the children in her practice who are inoculated versus those who are not
Why Dr. Franz waits until patients are at least 1-year-old to give inoculations
Dr. Franz looks back at 37 years of practice and comments on trends she’s noticed
Dr. Franz’s comments on recommendations for infants to sleep on their backs
Dr. Franz’s thoughts on the current popular injection
Dr. Franz answers “What is Real Immunity?”
Dr. Franz explains energy medicine
Dr. Franz’s experiences in Urgent Care
How Dr. Franz came to homeopathy
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of any entities they represent.

Tending to Fertility: A Homeopathic Approach

By Homeopathy, Immunization

Women’s health has long been a hot topic, and women are often caught in the crosshairs of political agendas that cause much confusion when it comes to selecting options with their best interest at heart. As more and more conventional treatment options for reproductive health have fallen under the spotlight of controversy, it is no wonder that many women are confused and seeking alternative options.

One such area of concern is fertility and how to best protect and nurture reproductive health. While infertility has been on the rise for several decades, in 2021, data from the Defense Database (DMED) showed a remarkable increase in fertility issues, including:

  • A 155% increase in birth defects.
  • A 471% increase in female infertility
  • A 350% increase in male infertility

Similar data from VAERS shows an escalation in symptoms related to infertility, including: miscarriage, menstrual disorders, uterine haemorrhage, Caesarean, Preterm Labour, Birth Difficulties, stillbirth, as well as male fertility issues:

Click the graph above to view VAERS report.


Many doctors have come forward to study this development and discuss the increase in infertility and “the new injection,” including Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Northrup and Dr. Craig Turczynsk. These concerns ought to be carefully considered by any woman who plans on having children.

As Cilla discusses in HomeoMamas, a virtual class about using homeopathy during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, there are many important factors to consider to promote a healthy pregnancy and birth. Here are a few to consider:

Artificial light. Excessive indoor lighting and screen use, especially in the evening, is can be very disruptive to our hormones. Dr. Northrup has shared about human biocycle disruption often.

Chemicals. From cleaning supplies to makeup, chemicals are abundant in our world. Men and women should both be aware of exposures to chemical exposures, especially fertilizers and pesticides. It is also essential to avoid plastics whenever possible. Avoiding conventional produce and foods is important as well, since links to diets high in nonorganic fruits and vegetables and infertility have long been established.

Medical procedures and prescription drugs. Be aware of side-effects of birth control, NSAIDs and antibiotics that are known to disrupt the gut microbiome, which is linked to infertility. Opt for natural options family planning options whenever possible. Avoid unnecessary medical procedures and do your research.

Infradian rhythm disruptions. Beware of health fads that advocate ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, and High Intensity workouts and learn to cycle sync your diet and exercise. While beneficial to men, according to functional nutritionist and women’s hormone expert, Alisa Vitti from FloLiving, such practices disrupt the female 28-day hormone cycle (called the Infradian cycle), and have not been proven to benefit women during their fertile years.

There are many steps that can be taken to promote fertility and put you in the optimal position for having a healthy pregnancy. Here are a few to look into:

Eat nutrient dense. Traditional diets, which include liver, butter, raw milk and egg yolks have been proven beneficial to increasing fertility.

Add in essential superfoods. Foods high in healthy fats and iron promote fertility by supplying essential micronutrients, as do Royal Jelly, turmeric, cinnamon and leafy greens.

Consider supplementing hormone-supporting nutrients. B6, magnesium, D3, Iron, Probiotics and Zinc may be important supplements to consider supplementing with if you do not get them in your regular diet.

Consider having a constitutional consult. Constitutional care prior to pregnancy can address miasms, minimizing the potential of passing these down to unborn children.

If you are already pregnant, or planning to be pregnant, you may want to consider taking HomeMama, our virtual course that offers homeopathic advice for addressing common symptoms during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Thinking Parent’s Guide to Fearless Health

By Immunization

Many of us with children have navigated some interesting terrain regarding conventional immunity products offered.

Unless you have witnessed or experienced an adverse reaction, there seems no reason to explore other options. Experience makes us want to share the information we’ve gleaned with others so they can avoid pitfalls and make informed choices.

Enter the Thinking Parent’s Guide to Fearless Health, a 12 page, downloadable resource offering links to studies and support documents that clarify common misconceptions regarding inoculations, a list of ingredients in inoculations, a background on what every parent needs to know regarding childhood diseases, important considerations and alternatives for supporting immunity, as well as a list of recommended reading and follow-up resources.

This is our answer to the many times people have reached out to ask, “Is there anything I can show my spouse, my child, my friend to educate them?” 

This guide provides non-overwhelming support and accurate information. The last thing we want to do is promote fear, or discourage new parents. We’ve kept the guide simple, yet thorough, with many resources for continued research.

If you’ve ever attended a baby shower and witnessed the onslaught of gifts (many of which parent’s likely won’t even use!) and wondered where the support is for the BIG decisions that parents will be making, you’re not alone. Our Thinking Parent’s Guide is something that can be printed and put into a folder and discretely left for the expectant parents as an offering that will support them educationally. The guide can also be offered to pediatrician offices as well.

As Cilla always says, “Information is the antidote to fear.” By sharing this resource with new parents, together we can empower them to face the pressures of today’s world with confidence!

Parent’s will be rewarded with a discount code that they can use to watch Quest for Real Immunity as well.

Click here to purchase for $1.


We have several $1 digital downloads –a great low-investment place to start learning the principles of Real Immunity!

Preparing for the Worst offers a compilation of links created to support and empower individuals who have no other option but to receive inoculations for childhood viruses. Also included are suggestions for detox post-inoculations.

Homeopathy and Influenza is our $1 online class where you will learn everything you need to know about the flu, including:

• Homeopathy’s role in American history
• Specific remedies for flu symptoms
• The meaning of illness

Finally, Healing Our Relationship with Microbes is an online presentation by Cilla that restores our natural relationship with microbes by revealing common misconceptions regarding germ theory and the “war on germs” promoting a more peaceful, homeopathic perspective.

Grab all of these $1 resources and start building your Real Immunity repertoire!

Spotlight on College Immunization Policies and Resources for Responding

By Immunization

Households with college-bound students are facing discriminating policies when it comes to college immunization updates requiring students to receive the experimental injection before returning to school, despite the fact that the injection only has Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

According to the Children’s Health Defense, under the FDA, the Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) defines the injection as experimental and as such, it cannot be mandated. “Under the Nuremberg Code, the foundation of ethical medicine, no one may be coerced to participate in a medical experiment. Consent of the individual is ‘absolutely essential.’” The FDA requires that any EUA product allow recipients “the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.”

Schools with exemptions to such mandates are enforcing unreasonable rules, such as weekly testing at the student’s expense, submission to daily health checks, mask requirements when inside buildings, exclusion from dining halls or areas where there are large gatherings of students, and in some instances, the requirement to attend classes online rather than in person. These students are still required to pay full tuition while receiving separate yet unequal services.

Students starting and returning to college are facing unfair ultimatums if they aren’t willing to get the experimental injection.

How are universities and colleges able to install unconstitutional policies?

Institutions are creatively interpreting data and guidance from WHO, the CDC, and the FDA to wield their messages of discrimination. Colleges are essentially leaving out essential information when convenient. Institutions who purport to teach students critical thinking skills are rejecting essential information when communicating their updated immunization policies, putting a false spin on their messages. They are also using their leverage and influence as accredited institutions to coerce students into getting the experimental injection. Take, for instance, this statement from BYU-Hawaii’s creative interpretation of EUA:

“FDA emergency use approval (EUA) is based on the same principles as full approval but requires data over a shorter period of time (two months vs. six months) and ensures that the data does not sit on someone’s desk and wait to be reviewed. EUA does not mean the vaccine is “experimental.” It means that while there is less data than is generally requested for a standard approval, there is sufficient and compelling data to demonstrate that the benefits outweigh the risks. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have already filed for full approval with the incredibly large amounts of data and FDA approval is expected soon. More than 140 million American have been fully vaccinated – there is more safety information about COVID-19 vaccines than any other [injection] in history.”

This statement casually dismisses the importance of data reviewal. Pfizer and Moderna have indeed filed for full FDA approval, but that does not mean they will receive it. It also doesn’t communicate the FDA’s shady history of approving unsafe injections. Furthermore, the safety data that has been shared by both Pfizer and Moderna was cherry picked and they’ve yet to release the full body of raw data, which definitely does not support the statement that “there is more safety information about [the injection] than any other [injection] in history” let alone tell the full story of adverse reactions that continue to pile in.

How do we combat coercion and manipulation? 

For starters, it is important to stop being manipulatable. This means honing our critical thinking skills and getting empowered! It’s amazing how many people will put up with a lousy or intolerant doctor or institution that doesn’t offer options, informed consent or have an open mind to any other opinion. We have to remember that we are the ones in charge, and that we call the shots—not the other way around! Admins at a school are no different. They alone should not be the ones to determine policy. Student tuition pays their salaries. Scroll down for resources on how to share your thoughts and advocate for yourself.

Life 101 and Critical Thinking:

Know when you’re being marketed to with propaganda. It does not take a marketing degree to determine this. Teach your kids how to think critically and not be controlled by the narrative.

Here are some things to ask yourself to gain better discernment:

-Are you presented with both sides of an argument?

-Have you done your own research?

-Have you gotten a second opinion or alternative advice?

-Is there pressure or coercion involved? (Think: Is there a carrot being dangled?)

-Are you being given a choice?

-Whose best interest is at stake?

-Are you able to ask questions and have them respectfully answered without judgement?

-Are you being given informed consent?

-Are there more facts, information, studies that are being left out?

-Are there alternatives, side effects, other options?

-Have your personal interests and unique case been considered in the advice given?

-Is there an emotional or financial investment on the line for the person advocating their perspective?


What can you do when you don’t agree with a policy?

It is important now more than ever to speak up—but be professional and articulate. Whether you are dealing with a university who has published a discriminatory policy or a local business who is publishing propaganda about the experimental injection, don’t let anything slide by you without making a statement and sharing your perspective. Don’t get in the habit of ignoring things thinking that is the higher road. Regardless of the slant others may try to put on it, we live in a democracy and your voice is valuable. The more individuals that flood offices with well-written statements sharing their point of view and objections to discriminatory policies, the more those offices will be forced to look at the big picture. It is going to take a grassroots response to make a difference. Let your voice be heard.

Other ideas would be to only patronize institutions and businesses that don’t discriminate against medical choice. Perhaps now is a good time for college students to take a year off to travel, volunteer or pick up a trade or skill. In the meantime, universities will certainly feel the impact on their funding and may be more likely to change their tune if enough students decide to explore other opportunities.

If you see a post, email, note on the door of a business that shares inaccurate information regarding the experimental injection or promotes a discriminating policy, say something! We’ve created a Letter that you can download that includes citations to support you in addressing inaccurate information that you may receive in newsletters, newspapers, emails or see on social media. Edit it to fit your needs and use it to speak up! 

Responding to college immunization policies.

The Real Immunity Team is here to help. We’ve complied a lengthy list of support resources for college students facing mandates, including:

  • Open letters from physicians about the efficacy of the injection
  • Letter templates for religious exemptions
  • Links to legal organizations who are looking for plaintiffs and have created resources to support self-advocacy
  • A list of colleges not requiring the experimental injection
  • Forms requiring schools with mandates to take responsibility for informed consent and adverse injection reactions
  • Links to where you can purchase your own self-testing resources

To download our free College Immunization Mandate Support Resource, click here and then click the box next to “College Immunization Mandate Support Resource” to have it sent directly to your inbox. If you already receive our emails, please check your inbox from June 23 to access the download that we sent to all subscribers or send an email to requesting the download. 


Can college students benefit from HP? Yes they can! Learn more by reading our blog Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Your HP Questions Answered.

Homeopathic Solutions for Post-Injection Transmission Syndrome

By Homeopathy, Immunization, Infection

Colleagues and clients from around the world have reached out to inquire about what many seem to be experiencing when in the presence of recently injected individuals.

While there is no conclusion about what could be happening, it’s obvious among practitioners that clients are having symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, and unusual bleeding or menstrual abnormalities. It’s also noted that in the original Pfizer study summary, there are references to the possible shedding of the spike protein through skin to skin contact, or respiratory exposure. So perhaps this is not fueled by imagination.

At Real Immunity we have termed this perplexing phenomenon Post-Injection Transmission Syndrome. (PITS)

The Real Immunity Team has examined the PITS symptoms reported by participants in our recent survey. The symptoms of these participants directly mirror those reported above.

If indeed, we are experiencing some sort of bio-resonance, or perhaps sharing of pheromones, then it makes sense that an energetic intervention could be very helpful.

I have investigated the use of flower essences for immune support. I have used these in my practice and find them to be incredibly effective while being exceptionally gentle. I have identified three essences that could be very helpful. They are Pine, Crabapple, and Yarrow Environmental Solution:

  • Yarrow SF: protective of noxious radiation, pollution, EMF, or residual effects of toxic exposure
  • Pine: supports self-acceptance, forgiveness of self and others, healing process, acceptance
  • Crabapple: associated with being cast out of paradise, physical purification, true evolution/adaptation

Mixed together, these three flower essences can gently support and protect external assaults on the energetic level. Here’s the summary of a study by Jeffrey Cram PhD. reflecting the physiological impact of energy medicine applied with flower essences.

To purchase Environmental Protection Essence, click the image below.

Homeoprophylaxis for Fido: Give Your Pup the Gift of Real Immunity

By Homeopathy, Immunization

Just as Homeoprophylaxis (HP) can be used to protect humans from infectious diseases, it can also be used to protect our furry friends.

Not surprising, the lack of efficacy in allopathic medicine’s number one immunity product is also an issue when it comes to addressing pet immunity. The Real Immunity Team consulted with homeopathic veterinarian, Will Falconer, DVM, to discuss some of the problems he has seen in relation to animal shots.

The Real Immunity Puppy HP Program provides your pup with protection against the two most common puppy diseases.

A Dangerous Recommendation

Falconer addresses many of the issues he has witnessed in pets as a result of allopathic care in his online courses and podcasts. One essential take-away is that boosters fail to create an antibody response, making annual vx practices unnecessary and ultimately dangerous. Unfortunately, over 80% of veterinarians still recommend booster shots, despite educational efforts of veterinary immunologists. What we’re seeing as a result of these unnecessary recommendations is a huge increase in automimmune diseases, allergies and other chronic illnesses. Our pet’s long-term health is jeopardized. Surprised?

Veterinarians are inundated with messages in school that shots are benign, not unlike what pediatricians are taught. Nothing could be further from the truth. Homeopaths have long-known that vaccines can are considered an obstacle to cure. J. Compton Burnett, M.D. discovered this back in 1884 when he coined the term “vaccinosis.” It wasn’t until Burnett addressed the history of shots in his patients that he was able to find resolution with homeopathy.

The Research Backs Concern

Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine conducted several studies examining vx injuries in dogs. Their findings indicated that shots can cause life threatening immune-mediated disease, autoantibodies to many of their own biochemicals revealing that the dog’s immune systems were attacking themselves, resulting in impaired tissue repair and growth. A further concerning fact discovered in the Purdue studies was that injected dogs developed autoantibodies to their own DNA.

The Journal of Veterinary Medicine published an Italian study in August 2003 showing the incidence of cancers at injection sites in dogs. An increased correlation in arthritis, epilepsy, encephalitis, organ failure and allergies are also correlated with pet shots.

Most conventional vets have long-ignored these red flags. While there are many holistic vets, like Falconer, who have in good conscious halted the dangerous practice altogether, even when a vet claims to be natural, they often still harbor insidious beliefs and will attempt to push the toxic agenda. Pet owners beware! 

Rabies and The Law

What about rabies, you may wonder? State laws often mandate the rabies vaccine in order to license your pet, and rabies can indeed be deadly if contracted. Falconer insists that one rabies shot is enough to confer lifelong immunity. In his free online Rabies Short course, you’ll learn more about the rabies disease and its implications for your pet. He also has several free resources available to help owners navigate the legal ramifications of their choices.

Pictured is Cilla’s dog, Nanny, when she was a pup.

HP to the Rescue
You may at this point be thinking: Can’t I confer immunity onto my puppy, against contagious and deadly diseases like Parvo and Distemper, without the scary side-effects? Maybe you’re a pet owner who has experienced the heartbreak and stress of chronic disease resulting from shots and would like a safe alternative?

The Real Immunity Team is now offering a Puppy Homeoprophylaxis Program containing a lifetime supply of nosodes to address the top two canine diseases: Distemper and Parvo.

Upon purchase, you will receive the following:

  • Your Puppy HP Nosode Kit in the potency recommended by Dr. Falconer
  • Directions on how to administer doses to your puppy
  • An HP schedule on how often to administer doses, (and for how long) with a printable chart to help you keep track of dosages
  • Information on when to administer boosters
  • Educational links to support your journey

You can view the Puppy Homeoprophylaxis Program Here.


Blog Resources:

-Learn more about William Falconer, DVM and his offerings

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Vaccines and Vets: Is Your Holistic Vet Really Holistic?

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